Our philosophy is simple: we produce medicines which are both high quality and cost-effective for NHS.

In order to reach our goal, we have chosen a business model covering three primary areas.

The first is the marketing of medicines: we provide highly effective substances, whose patents have expired, as generics, as well as brands – at prices that are affordable for the NHS.

The second area is our production: we try to produce as many medicines as possible ourselves at our own production sites in Europe. This is how we ensure the highest quality standards, but also because we are committed to our domestic location. In addition, Aristo Pharma produces a large number of medicines for third-party customers, other pharmaceutical companies.

And finally: we work on a variety of our own product and generic developments, actively shaping the future at the same time.

To talk about your requirements or to place an order, please contact us on 01353 887100 or click here


Product Strength Pack Legal Category
Agomelatine tablets 25mg 28's POM
Dronedarone Tablets 400mg 20’s POM
Dronedarone Tablets 400mg 60’s POM
Duloxetine capsules 30mg 28's POM
Duloxetine capsules 60mg 28's POM
Entecavir tablets 0.5mg 30's POM
Esomeprazole capsules 20mg 28's POM
Esomeprazole capsules 40mg 28's POM
Ethosuximide oral solution 250mg/5ml 125ml POM
Ethosuximide oral solution 250mg/5ml 250ml POM
Ethosuximide oral solution 250mg/5ml 200ml POM
Febuxostat Tablets 80mg 28’s POM
Febuxostat Tablets 120mg 28’s POM
Levothyroxine Tablets 100mcg 28’s POM
Lorazepam Tablets 1mg 28’s POM
Lorazepam Tablets 2.5mg 28’s POM
Methocarbamol Tablets 750mg 100’s POM
Mintreleq XL (Quetiapine MR) Tablets 50mg 60's POM
Mintreleq XL (Quetiapine MR) Tablets 150mg 60's POM
Mintreleq XL (Quetiapine MR) Tablets 200mg 60's POM
Mintreleq XL (Quetiapine MR) Tablets 300mg 60's POM
Mintreleq XL (Quetiapine MR) Tablets 400mg 60's POM
Risedronate Sodium Tablets 5mg 28's POM
Risedronate Sodium Tablets 30mg 28's POM
Risedronate Sodium Tablets 35mg 4's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 5mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 10mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 20mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 40mg 28's POM
Solifenacin succinate tablets 5mg 30's POM
Solifenacin succinate tablets 10mg 30's POM
Strontium ranelate granules for oral suspension 2g 28's POM
Tadalafil tablets 20mg 8's POM
Tenofovir disproxil tablets (bottle) 245mg 30's POM
Tetrabenazine Tablets 25mg 112's POM
Tibolone tablets 2.5mg 28's POM
Tibolone tablets 2.5mg 84's POM
Vardenafil tablets 5mg 4's POM
Vardenafil tablets 5mg 8's POM
Vardenafil tablets 10mg 4's POM
Vardenafil tablets 10mg 8's POM
Vardenafil tablets 20mg 4's POM
Vardenafil tablets 20mg 8's POM
Voriconazole tablets 50mg 28's POM
Voriconazole tablets 200mg 28's POM
Zopiclone tablets 3.75mg 28's POM
Zopiclone tablets 7.5mg 28's POM