Established in 2008, Berlin based Aristo Pharma Group has quickly established itself as a leader in generic and branded medicines.

In 2016, Aristo Pharma, which already employs more than 1750 people across Europe, established Aristo Pharma Limited in the UK, based in Cambridgeshire.

With the strong foundation of Aristo Pharma’s global operation and the expertise of the UK team, Aristo Pharma Limited will serve you with a rapidly growing portfolio of in-demand generic and branded medicines.

The philosophy of our organisation is to ensure:

  • continuity of supply
  • products of highest quality
  • competitive pricing
  • support for customers and patients

As someone who is responsible for the supply of medicines, you cannot afford to be left without stock of vital generics. Aristo Pharma Limited aims to maintain continuity of supply, at competitive prices whilst providing you personally with the highest levels of service from order point to delivery.

We believe good care should be open to all; when cost-saving measures are being placed on medical expenditure and the escalating cost of new treatments contributes to the pressure on budgets, Aristo Pharma Limited aims to ensure that important medicines remain affordable.

Aristo Pharma Group manufactures at technically advanced sites throughout Europe with the majority situated within Germany and Spain. We strive to ensure our products consistently meet the highest quality requirements and we stand behind that claim in all aspects of our business. Unified quality standards apply at all of our production sites, which are subject to continuous control. We take special pride in protecting our employees and the environment and we work to and often exceed the stringent ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) guidelines.

We continue to add to a growing portfolio of products and Aristo Pharma Limited have ambitious plans over the forthcoming years to add a variety of products across a range of ‘in-demand’, specialist and difficult to treat disease areas.