Our generic products include:

Product Strength Pack Legal
Duloxetine capsules 30mg 28's POM
Duloxetine capsules 60mg 28's POM
Entecavir tablets 0.5mg 30's POM
Emtricitabine/Tenofovir disproxil tablets (bottle) 200mg/245mg 30's POM
Esomeprazole capsules 20mg 28's POM
Esomeprazole capsules 40mg 28's POM
Ethosuxamide solution 250mg/5ml 125ml POM
Ethosuxamide solution 250mg/5ml 250ml POM
Ezetimibe tablets 10mg 28's POM
Rasagiline tablets 1mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 5mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 10mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 20mg 28's POM
Rosuvastatin tablets 40mg 28's POM
Strontium ranelate granules for oral suspension 2g 28's POM
Tenofovir disproxil tablets (bottle) 245mg 30's POM
Voriconazole tablets 50mg 28's POM
Voriconazole tablets 200mg 28's POM
Zonisamide capsules 25mg 56's POM
Zonisamide capsules 50mg 56's POM
Zonisamide capsules 100mg 56's POM

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